House of Social Graces

In London only one thing sets you apart from others – manners.

Set in autumn 2016, in Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, Californian Rose Mendes has an intense interview with Caroline Jones, the CEO of London’s most prestigious finishing school. With the House’s heritage of three hundred years, it’s the authority on British etiquette and a global magnet for the upper echelons of London who bring their daughters to be polished for society.

Rose secures a tutoring position at the House and soon after meets Francis Goldman, a lawyer from Manhattan who proves to be a distraction from her eventful job. But with the pressure of keeping up with the poshest school in the capital and demands of her boss, she struggles during her three-month probationary period. While trying to make her stay permanent and with Brexit on the horizon, she discovers her childhood dream of living in London was better as a dream than in reality.